Financial Assistance

Upstream Summer Teen Program is a non-profit program offered by Slavic Bible College, a non-profit organization. The cost of $450 per student ($37.50 per day, includes overnight stay at Havilah Retreat Center) covers expenses only — which include twice a day meals, out-of-state teachers, course materials, field trips, and hands-on activities. While parents may find great value in the program, we understand that not everyone has financial means to afford it. Donations made by our very own families and friends will be used to assist with a portion of the cost.

To apply for financial assistance, please fill out and submit the below application. We will review your need and reach out with more information. Once approved, a discount code will be issued to your email account. Please use that discount code when registering.

Financial Assistance Application

If your child receives financial assistance, are you willing to support your child throughout the time, by bringing him/her to classes on time and encouraging his/her development?